Women Who Rebrand

Women Who Rebrand

A UK based lifestyle platform that champions growth, inspiring women to live authentically while navigating the challenges of modern-day life.

#WWR is also home to the Women Who Rebrand Podcast, featuring inspirational stories hosted by Sareta Fontaine, and co-hosts Chioma Olaleye and Dee Safieh.

While the early episodes featured only Sareta & Chioma, they later introduced guests who shared their inspirational stories or expertise. Episodes thirty and beyond welcome an additional host, Dee.

Each episode features hosted discussions with Women about careers, relationships, or health & wellness and is available on all great podcast platforms.



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The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

The Millennial "Meet-Cute" There are some men you meet on Tinder and some on cobblestone streets at night in Shoreditch in London. Which one out of those two do you think has a greater likelihood of actually being your soulmate? I took a quick pause from partying with...

Are Good Manners Damaging our Health?

Poop, crap, shit…whatever you call it, we all do it. So why is bowel health still such a taboo subject? As a society, we’ve tackled other traditionally sensitive medical issues. We are far more open when talking about aspects of health that would have previously been...