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May 22, 2022
Sareta and Chioma welcome dating expert and educator Lalalaletmeexplain, but swap previous dating stories before doing so.
LalalaLetMeExplain is an anonymous relationships expert who delves into the highs and lows of modern-day dating. She provides raw and honest advice on topics people are often too embarrassed or afraid to discuss.

Lala has qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Sexual Health, and Sociology. She has spent her career working in the public and voluntary sectors. Lala has helped people work through, or leave, fucked up relationships, change negative behaviour patterns, and develop self-love and good self-esteem.

Not only is Lala a qualified social worker, but she is also a podcaster, author and, a dating & relationships educator. She left her 15-year career in the public sector in 2018 to bring her professional knowledge to social media and has a loyal army of 207k followers

LalalaLetMeExplain - How to leave a relationship and move on

Layla shares her stories openly, honestly, rawly, and often hilariously. She takes you through the good, bad, and sometimes downright fucked up situations that she has found herself in, but she reflects on those and offers ways of learning from them.

Women worldwide have been getting in touch to say how much they can relate, that her work has helped them see where they have been going wrong, and that they deserve more.

In episode 22 of Women Who Rebrand, we discuss breaking into new relationships with caution. The rules around online dating and how much things have changed for Women who have previously been in a relationship and are now entering a new digital era.

Unless you want to cost yourself thousands of extra pounds in therapy, I highly recommend doing the work before jumping fanny-first into the dating pool.” – LalalaLetMeExplain

Do the work first. Lala explains. Dating before we have figured out our own attachment styles, taken stock of our own red flags, and just generally healed from past trauma, can often lead to messy and complicated relationships.

When we date from a place of low self-worth or desperation for love we can end up repeating patterns and choosing the wrong people over and over again. Seek therapy if you can write out a list of some of your previous dates and relationships and what went wrong – see if there are any patterns, and really really work on self-love and on loving being single.

LalalaLetMeExplain - How to leave a relationship and move on


‘Everyone currently on the dating scene needs to read this right now.’ – Cosmopolitan

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Written by #WWR

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